Theme Of Rejection In Frankenstein

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Bosten Tatum Ms. Bauer ELA 8 Period 7 16 December 2022 I'm on the creature's side Rejection what is rejection well there is a lot of this feeling in this book like a monster when he got rejected by his own owner and the reason why I called him a monster is that the owner made him one. in gris grimly graphic novel adaption of Mary shells Frankenstein the passion in this book is victor wanting something dead to come alive weird and he did. The creature deserves more sympathy because he was abandoned, he was rejected by humans, and he was denied a mate. The creature was abandoned on first sight. How everything started victor wanted to create something and then he abandon it this is all his fault one of the reasons that the creature is the creature is one time he saw a girl drownding and he wanted to save her he did then a hunter saw him then …show more content…

Imaiag coming in to this world with such hate, he just hated victor at this point, so when he saw victors newphew he killed him and then framed himself, so thats why he did what he did And all in returned, that he asked for frankenstein is that im so lonely i need someone so can you give me a mate make a girl then i will leave you alone, forevor i will go to South America and we will Rome and be alone together, so can you do that victor said yes, he starts to make her and he sees the monster, and then he says im done with this, then smashes

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