Theme Of Sexism In The Great Gatsby

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The American Character is the fusion of many different qualities. In the year of 1776, America gained its freedom from Britain, guided towards the concept of freedom, rights, and equality that together create today’s American. One of the qualities that make an American character is that of hoping to live the American Dream. Hoping to live the American Dream means that a person living or coming into the US, has the hopes of living the dream of having wealth and freedom that is included in living the American Dream. This idea of the American Dream is what unites our “United States” of America; we are united in the dream and hope of achieving our individual versions of the American Dream. F. Scott Fitzgerald shows us in his novel of The Great Gatsby on …show more content…

Today, people hope to achieve more wealth and a better lifestyle than how they are currently living in; and they do so by immigrating into the US in the hopes of success. People that immigrate into America usually end up struggling once they arrive. The restriction that these immigrants under go through include inequality, racism, and much more. In the Great Gatsby, sexism is one of the factors that restrict women from becoming equal to men. This sexism is portrayed through Daisy’s thoughts about her daughter, “I’m glad it’s a girl. And I hope she’ll be a fool --- that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” (Fitzgerald 17). During this time, men are better than women in the “financial” area; that is why Daisy hopes that with her daughter’s beauty will help her find a man who will be able to support her financially. Daisy also hopes that her daughter will be dumb enough -- “a fool” -- so that this sexism and its’ limitation won’t bother her. In relation to today, most immigrants that come into America end up with very little power and rights, just like women in the

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