Theme Of The Lottery

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Charmain Baker-Deer ENC1102 Mar 02, 2018 Essay draft 1 Topic: What is the theme of “The Lottery”? “The Lottery” is about small town, with a population of three hundred people. Everyone from the village is subjected to participates in an annual ritual, where members are required to pick from a black box to determine their destiny. In “The Lottery,” Jackson highlights human kind capacity of victimizing violence and tradition to control the masses. This event happens during the summer, and at the end a woman was stoned to death by her friends, families and residence. Over the years, the black box had become worn, indicating that the ritual was old and obsolete. Violence played a significant role in this story. The story of “The Lottery” was committed by ordinary people. The act of brutality demonstrated how cruel and viscerally evil humans can be. After completing this immoral act, people went back to their normal routine, showing no remorse. One feature of the story that shows a violent nature is when children gathered stones, while women gossiped, and men discussed farming. Everyone wanted to finish the ritual early, to get home in time for dinner. The people of the town gathered in the square, waiting for Mr. Summers to begin. The black box is placed, and each family member are required to participate. The person who picks the paper with the black dot, is the one who is stoned to death. Each year, the residence commits this ferocious act, an outrageous crime that suggest

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