Thomas Jefferson's Impact On The United States Of America

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This essay will be about Thomas Jefferson. However not only about his home life, but his decisions as president that forever impacted the United States of America. For example he wrote the declaration of independence. Leading in a formal way to be an independent country. He also chose to be president, and as president he made very important choices such as the Louisiana purchases which heavily impacted the United States. He also sent out explorers to explore the land which also gave the people at the time much information about unknown land that now was part of their nation. Also learning about shocking discoveries about Thomas Jefferson. Not only about his life in general but about his impact on other people's life.

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The main reason why Thomas Jefferson wanted to purchase Louisiana was because they desperately needed more land for homes and farm life and needed the New Orleans port. He needed the New Orleans port because the Mississippi River ran through New Orleans, which they could use to transport goods for all of the states. Jefferson's infamous quote is “ Anyone who owns New Orleans is a natural enemy to the American people”. Thomas Jefferson needed the port so he took action and tried to buy it. At the time the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had possession of that land. Thomas Jefferson sent Robert R. Livingston and James Monroe to negotiate with the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte Their budget was 10 million dollars. However, his desire was not to sell the land but his desire to grow it creating a french empire in North America. His dreams were destroyed and simply did not come true, at the time they were at battle with a small island now known as Haiti, he was trying to conquer the land and needed lots of money for battle. So then his idea of not selling the land soon turned into a negotiation of selling 828,000 square miles of land for 15 million dollars. Not everyone thought it was a good idea to buy so much land because originally all of that land belonged to Spain before they gave it to france. The congress thought it would cause an unnecessary war between the American …show more content…

Between the two leaders, they decided to choose strong healthy unmarried men with good survival skills for instance hunting. They were not explorers, more like leaders leading an expedition. Originally though, they were both in the army. Meriwether was once the captain of the army and Clark was chosen by the first president George washing to be the lieutenant of infantry. Along with them came interpreters and a helper ( a slave). Along the way they met many different tribes. Some not being as friendly as others, they would try and make a peace offering with them by showing a coin with thomas jefferson on it representing peace. One of the people that came along was one of the interpreters and their wife Sacaguewee. She led and helped them with their mission. Surprisingly only one person passed, which was due to health complications. Other than that no other passes happened. The exploration team went from st louis, mississippi river and finally to the pacific ocean and then heading on back towards

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