Tim O 'Brien's' Platoon, And The Things They Carried

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Humans are given the gift of sight; one of the many remarkable features people share. To be able to visually see the beauty of nature is a great deal to human existence, especially when it comes from artistic matters such as pictures, videos, paintings etc. A book compared to a movie is like comparing a picture to the description of it. The description may have deeper meaning and a guide to the main point of why and where the picture was taken, but when a picture is being viewed, it is up to the audience to adopt on what the meaning behind the photograph is. It gives an opportunity of freethinking and opinion.

The Things They Carried is a novel written by Tim O’Brien, a man who contributed in the Vietnam War, and an amazing book that connects …show more content…

The movie Platoon is exceptionally successful in pulling in an audience and creating a realistic piece of art that truly draws the audience into the Vietnam War. This may be for the reason that Oliver Stone spent an undying year in the heart of the Vietnam War, but also because the movie wasn’t just a story, but a riveting piece of moviemaking. The idea of creating movies is to change a person in some way, change the way they look at the world or how they perceive themselves. Movies similar to Platoon are meant to stay in the heart forever because of how strongly it connected with the audience. No sane person would ever want to get closer to the Vietnam War after watching Platoon. The Things They Carried was a stimulating piece of work, but with the depressing music, sound of gunshots and crucial characters being killed in Platoon, the audience is more likely to consider a life changing movie than a mind changing …show more content…

In today’s society, there is an immense amount of young adults and teenagers who don’t enjoy reading as much as teens from the eighties. This may be because of the increase in technology starting from the beginning of the twenty-first century, or just because people choose not to read. One of the most evident reasons to why teenagers in this century have to force themselves to read is because of all the other distractions and things they would rather be doing than sit in complete silence, reading a book.

This isn’t a cause for celebration, or a statement implying that reading is only for educational purposes and not the enjoyment, because it isn’t. Reading is the only way one can expand their knowledge and understanding about the world and the language, but that doesn’t stop other sources from educating as well. Each and every movie has a meaning behind it, whether it is to entertain, educate, or both. Just like books. The Things They Carried may have had a deeper meaning and broader focus on the physiological effects from the Vietnam War, but Platoon was made to entertain and show exactly what the war was

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