Historical Inaccuracies In The Movie 'Full Metal Jacket'

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Full Metal Jacket In “Full Metal Jacket”, there are not too many historical inaccuracies, while the movie had some good scenes that were based off of the Vietnam War. The movie was based off of Gustav Hasford’s book named “Short-Timers”, which was also based off his experience of war. The only inaccuracies in this movie was the scenery and the topic of it just did not match up with how the war really looked. The officers in the camp treated their soldiers like they were just meant to kill and if they did not follow orders, something would happen to them. In the movie, the scenes were kind of over exaggerated also. The scenery in “Full Metal Jacket” wasn’t really in the theme it was supposed to be in. In the Vietnam War, it was in the location of a jungle area and in the movie it doesn’t really have the same appearance that it was supposed to be. There were a lot more trees in the real war and there was …show more content…

In the beginning of the movie, there is a recruit named Pvt. Pyle who gets bullied because he was overweight and had a very low IQ, meaning he was very slow and the other recruits gave him a “blanket party” which is a punishment where they put hard items in the blanket and beat him with it in his sleep. The officer who was training the recruits also known as Sgt. Hartman, was treating them poorly too, but he mainly targeted Pvt. Pyle. One night Pvt. Pyle stayed up wanting to kill Hartman, because Hartman drove Pvt. Pyle to his insane stage and he was psycho from all the bullying. He got tired of it and Pvt. Pyle kills Hartman and commited suicide afterwards. Back then the Officers were a little bit more disrespectful and were targeted. In the past, one soldier had set up a trip mine for a officer and it was disguised as a light switch and then the officer pulled it and got killed. No one knows where the grenade came from but they know someone wanted to murder the

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