Titanic David Slavitt Analysis

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When analyzing the poem “Titanic,” David Slavitt’s ironic and bittersweet tone led to the conclusion that; death is a truth we are uncomfortable with, the fact of death is softened by the idea of fame because in fame we never die, this is a truth all humans want but only few get. For example, Slavitt uses phrases such as, “[n]ot so bad, after all” and “there will be books and movies to remind our grandchildren who we were and how we died...” among many others exemplifying the ironic and bittersweet attitude the poem implies. Most perceive the tragedy of the titanic with a negative connotation but the author argues otherwise. The quote, “we all go down, mostly alone [b]ut with crowds of people, friends, servants...” is an example of irony in this poem because it implies that when we die our passings are not commemorated or are filled with joy and happiness as those from this great tragedy. In other words the event of the titanic, as paradoxical as it sounds, is a better way to die than most people do.…show more content…
This ties in with the theme of the poem because humans long for being remembered after passing and the people who boarded the Titanic got exactly that. Other quotes also show that even though there may have been short pain and fear in their passing they would not be alone. This would not seem like a situation anyone would want to be in but if thought about deeply, a great way to pass. As a result, the attitude and tone throughout the poem help find the
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