Why Is The Era Of 1901-1925 Significant To America

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Era Of 1901- 1925 America is the land of the free and home of the brave. Americans have experienced highs and lows. A certain era has experienced more than it’s full share of both celebrations and tragedies. The era of 1901-1925 was significant to America. It was significant to America because of the development of the National Football League (NFL) , the Titanic tragedy, and the invention of the first television set. The beginning of the NFL configuration made this era significant to America. On August 20, 1920, the first professional football league was born. The NFL originally started as the American Professional Football Association (APFA), and they changed their name to the National Football League (NFL) two years later. The initial …show more content…

Jim played professional baseball, basketball and football. He was voted the greatest athlete of the 20th century, by an ABC sports poll. In the beginning, Jim was both a player and the president, but soon stepped down from his presidential position to focus on playing. Joseph Carr was the second president. He made standings for the league to have a clear champion, and increased the teams from 14 to 22. His real goal was to compete with Major League Baseball (MLB). The NFL made 1.07 billion dollars in 2013 with profits growing roughly 20%, with 1,858 employees working. This was significant to America because it brings people closer together. By going to high school games with community members. Or hosting home parties to watch college or NFL games with family and close friends. Americans love …show more content…

The Titanic was a ship going to New York, from Britain, but it crashed into icebergs and sank. The Titanic was thought to be ¨the unsinkable ship.¨ Thomas Andrews was the man who inspired the creation of the Titanic. Mr. Andrews dropped out of school when he was sixteen years old because he wanted to design and build ships. On April 10, 1912, the Titanic took off for New York, USA. The ship could carry sixty-four lifeboats, but only took twenty lifeboats because the Titanic was said to be “unsinkable”. Before the Titanic was hit, the captain, however Edward J. Smith had received six warnings of an iceberg but did nothing about it. Once the Titanic hit the iceberg, Thomas Andrews was only concerned of other’s lives, not his own. He tried getting all the children to safety. He was last found throwing chairs and other items into the Atlantic Ocean so people could stay above water. There were 1,500 lives lost on April 15, 1912, by the sinking of the Titanic. 3,300 people were on board. What if the Titanic had crossed the Atlantic and made it safely to America? Would the Titanic still be working today? This was a disastrous tragedy and a mystery in America. This was a huge loss for America because a lot of the smart wealthy people were on that ship. Also a lot of riches were on the

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