To Kill A Mockingbird Calpurnia Quotes

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To kill a mockingbird references to a bird that sings lovely music for people to hear and does nothing else. A mockingbird is a harmless and it is a sin to kill a mocking (TMK). As referred in the story, Boo Radley was the mockingbird. He was harmless and only helped others. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Calpurnia does just as what Boo Radley did. Calpurnia helped out not just herself, but Atticus as well by sitting in the back of Atticus’s car instead of the front. Additional factors are operating as to why Calpurnia doesn’t sit in the front of the car with Atticus; As well as history of racism discrimination in the 30’s. Back in the 30’s racial discrimination caused different problems to occur. One additional factor to as why Calpurnia doesn’t sit in the front of the car with Atticus is for protection. Calpurnia wants to protect herself and Atticus from the mobs of people in town that would disprove. She doesn’t want people bringing violence to either of them like when the men of the town were going to kill Tom Robinson, but never did because of Scout (TMK). …show more content…

Calpurnia has feared safety for the children. She fears what would happen to Atticus’s children if she sat in the front of Atticus’s car. Mr. Uele already has a close watch on Atticus since Atticus is defending Tom Robinson that was accused of raping, beating, and taking advantage of Mr. Ewell’s daughter Mayella. Calpurnia is afraid of what Mr. Ewell might do if he saw her in the front of Atticus’s car. He would have either gone after her or attacked Atticus’ children for revenge on Atticus for accepting or being open minded with colored people. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, Mr. Ewell does eventually attack Scout and her brother Jem

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