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I am reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and I am on page 207. So far this book is about Jem, Scout, and Atticus, as they are in constant conflicts with themselves and others. They are they are trying to realize what is wrong. Most of the conflict is coming from the Tom Robinson case aftermath, and judgement being cast upon the Finch's, because Atticus took the case. This section has also included Aunt Alexandra, who is trying to help make Scout and Jem better people, but she ultimately makes things worse. G- One theme is that people are not who they seem Y-Atticus has two sides R- boring, polite - stops the kids from fighting- makes Jem read to Mrs. Dubose- doesn't brag about his shooting skills R- talented, past self shoots …show more content…

First of all Calpurnia is very responsible, yet fun with the children. Calpurnia also provided more culture and knowledge for the children to experience while she takes care of them. These fun characteristics have been displayed when Calpurnia was trying to distract Scout, because Dill and Jem would not let her play with them. Another time this side of her was revealed was when Calpurnia rewarded Scout with a “an open-faced sandwich of bread and butter and sugar.” Lastly, Calpurnia also helps the kids work things out, so that they do not fight as much. Calpurnia is also a good mother figure for the children, because she can provide them with more culture and knowledge that they can use when they get older. When Scout, Jem, and Calpurnia went to church with Calpurnia, they learned valuable information about a community different than their own. Calpurnia was also very smart when there was a rabid dog. Because it was in the wrong season no one thought that it was true, but Calpurnia did and her never giving up saved people's lives. Lastly, Calpurnia teaches Scout and Jem that even though you know something does not mean you have to show it off all of the time and intimidate people. Aunt Alexandra on the other hand, is not a good mother figure. First of all she does not get along with Atticus’s side of the Finch’s. This is supported when Aunt Alexandra is very rude and blunt with Scout and Jem, who are still little children. She also likes to tell Atticus that he is parenting wrong, and tries to get Scout to change the way she acts. The second reason I do not think that Aunt Alexandra would be a good mother figure is that she does not let the family be themselves. For example, she tells Scout multiple times to act more lady-like and wear dresses not pants. Atticus was also forced to tell the children that they are part of “gentle breeding,” and that they should act that way. For

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