To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1 Summary

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Chapters 1-3


Atticus Finch – Atticus Finch is the father of Jem and Scout. He is a lawyer and widower.

Jean Louise (Scout) Finch – Scout is the narrator of the story. She is a tomboy and wears shorts and overalls instead of dresses. She gets angry when people make fun of her father.

Jem Finch – Jem Finch is Scouts older brother. He is one of her best friends and protects her.

Maycomb – Maycomb is the setting of the story and is a quiet little town in Alabama.

Calpurnia – The Finch’s housekeeper and helps raise Scout and Jem ever since their mother died.

Charles Baker (Dill) Harris – Dill is Scout and Jem’s friend and visits every summer. He invented the Boo Radley game.

The Radley Place – The Radley Place is the house in which …show more content…

The Elwells did not go to school because no one could make them, and the truant officer thought it was good enough to get them to go the first day.

Chapters 4-7

1. Scout and Jem found two pieces of gum, a gold watch, soap figures of them, twine, and two coins.

2. Mrs. Dubose is crabby old lady that lives in the neighborhood. She teaches Jem and Scout a lesson about bravery.

3. Jem gets even with Scout by pushing her, while in the tire, really fast down the sidewalk and accidently landing her at the Radley Place.

4. They play as Boo Radley and make up his story as they go along.

5. Miss Maudie likes to garden and talk to the children. She lives across the street from them.

6. Miss Maudie thinks the Radley’s are “foot-washing Baptists”.

7. Dill and Jem want to give Boo the note to tell him to come outside and meet them. Atticus says to stop tormenting Boo.

8. He lost his pants when trying to escape from the Radley’s yard. They get caught on the fence and get tattered. He takes the pants off to get out. When he goes back to get them, they are sewn up and neatly folded.

9. Jem and Scout found that the hole in the tree was cemented up.

10. Nathan Radley cemented up the hole in the tree and said the tree was …show more content…

Miss Maudie’s house caught fire and burned down. Her reaction was that she was kind of happy because she could build a smaller house and have a bigger garden. She loved to be outside and loved her garden.

2. Cecil Jacobs is one of Scout’s classmates. He makes fun of Scout’s father for defending black people in court and scares Scout and Jem on their way to the Halloween pageant.

3. Francis makes fun of Atticus, so Scout beats him up. When Uncle Jack came outside, he listens to Francis’ side of the story and does not listen to Scout’s side. Scout gets into trouble.

Chapters 10-11

1. He learns to listen to both sides of the story, and he learns to always tell the truth to children.

2. Atticus hit the mad dog with one shot and killed it because it had rabies. Jem and Scout were shocked because they did not think he could do anything since he was older.

3. Jem ripped up her flowers and vandalized her property.

4. Jem had tor read to Mrs. Dubose every night.

5. Jem learned that bravery is not a man with a gun, but a man who never stops trying.

Chapters 12-14

1. Scout says that he is “difficult to live with, inconsistent, and moody”.

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