To Kill A Mockingbird Ignorance And Injustice Essay

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Taylor McAllister Period 3 11.08.16 TKAMB Essay Thesis- Injustice and ignorance can be shown through the narrow-mindedness of people, such as Mayella Ewell, Aunt Alexandria, and the even the town of Maycomb. To kill a Mockingbird shows and depicts many characters and the attitude toward life, Tom Robinson, and the people in the town of Maycomb. Injustice is shown throughout and complimented by that is narrow-mindedness. Some of the characters show that narrow-mindedness and ignorance can take a toll on how maycomb operates. We see injustice and narrow-mindedness throughout but is most prevalent with Tom Robinson’s trial, with Mayella and Bob Ewell taking the stand and giving their testimony. Because of Mayella’s ignorance and selfishness, she was able to put an innocent man in jail. She didn’t care about the social code that she would be breaking, and lured Tom Robinson, an african american that worked for Mr. Deas. She kisses him, and after Tom is able to run away, faces the consequences of her father. During the trial, Mayella …show more content…

Aunt Alexandra does not believe that Calpurnia is a good enough role model for Scout. She thinks she is best for Scout, which shows that she doesn’t think that Atticus can properly parent and guide Scout to womanhood. “She was an incurable gossip” shows that she thinks a certain way and is outspoken. She doesn’t care enough to hide her feelings and not talk about people. “When Aunt Alexandra went to school, self-doubt could not be found in any textbook, so she knew not its meaning” and Lee was able to show that Aunt Alexandra grew up nothing nothing else but being taught that you must be confident and and have no self

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