To What Extent Did Tom Robinson Get A Fair Trial

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Tom Robinson’s Trail In To Kill a Mocking bird by Harper Lee, Mayella accused Tom Robinson of rape. They go to trial but ran into some problems. I believe Tom Robinson did not get a fair trial. Although Tom got his time to talk, everybody is still against him because of his race. Tom Robinson did not get a fair trial because he spent over one year in jail. Tom Robinsons trial was not fair due to the race of the people in the room during the trial. They thought Mayella was telling the truth no matter what because she was white. They had a bias jury that was against Tom. Even though Tom has enough evidence they are still going to think he is lying because he is black. So basically they had the same color of people all throughout …show more content…

As the amendment says,” the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial,” They lied to Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson did not receive a speedy trial, he spent over 1 year in jail. When they said public, yes everyone that came was welcome but there was an unfair audience and advantage for Mayella. Before Tom even spoke a single word there were already people against him. The reasons for this was the race of Tom vs the race of everybody else. There was a full jury of racist white men, because of his race nobody paid attention to him. They couldn't do 6 white men and 6 black men either because of course the black men would go to Tom the white men would go to Mayella. They also didn't pay attention to any of the evidence because the person who slapped Mayella was left handed. Tom is right handed and can't even move his arm. Although they think that the jury kept Tom Robinson safe and enjoyable trial. In the Amendment they also promised it would have to be a speedy public trial. Yes it was a public trial but it was not speedy. Technically by law, in the fourth amendment it was fair. They did give him a jury so he could listen so they were understanding the

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