Tom Robinson Trial Essay

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I am reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and I am on page 304. This section of the novel is where Tom Robinson’s trial is commenced. It seems as if the whole town is eager for spectacle about to unwind, except for a few like Miss Maudie. Atticus tells Scout and Jem that he does not want to see them downtown, but they defy his wishes. Once the trial begins, Heck Tate is the first witness. He states that Bob Ewell retrieved him on November twenty-first because an African American raped Mayella. When he arrived at the scene of disarray, Mayella was beaten and bruised with right eye blackened. She identified Tom Robinson as the culprit. The next person to testify was Bob Ewell, Mayella’s father. Bob claimed that when he came back …show more content…

She shows two distinct sides to him, one of which to town believes him to be, and the other about whom he actually is. The Maycomb townspeople believe Tom Robinson to be a vile being who is capable of unspeakable crimes, despite being crippled. He was charged of raping Mayella Ewell, which is a capital offense. In addition, Tom had received thirty days for the conviction of disorderly conduct when he was younger. The prosecutor, Mr. Gilmer, attempted to convince the jury “that anyone who was convicted of disorderly conduct could have easily have had it in his heart to take advantage of Mayella Ewell” (Lee 262). Mr. Gilmer also used his cross-examination to show that Tom is an impertinent man who sees himself to be superior to white people. During the trial he is accused of stating the Mayella lied, but he denied and claimed that she was only mistaken. Tom also reveals his motive about why he was so willing to help her; he felt sorry for her. The townsfolk took this comment as Tom considered himself above Mayella, because it was believed that one could only feel sympathy for another if they were preeminent. Contrary to the assumptions of the town, Tom Robinson is a noble and respectable man. He is polite and well mannered, and he always uses courtesy titles to address others. He also refused payment from Mayella, and was uncomfortable when he had to use obscene language in front of women and children. Tom also has the distinct qualities of being noble and compassionate. He helped Mayella when no one else would, and truly felt sorry for the situation that she was in. Overall, Harper Lee clearly showed Tom Robinson to be an honorable man who was mistakenly condemned by the

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