Traitors In The Red Scare By Joseph Mccarthy

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Rumors cause controversy in every society no matter what the day and age is. This is very true for the case of Joseph McCarthy in the Red Scare. In this article about the Red Scare involving Joseph McCarthy the 1950’s It is reported that “During the speech, McCarthy held up a list of people he claimed were known traitors. McCarthy never made the list of names public. The speech made McCarthy famous and led Congress to begin investigating supposed communists in the government. McCarthy later gave Congress the names of State Department employees he claimed were traitors. Those individuals lost their jobs, even though McCarthy never supplied evidence to prove their guilt” (Joseph McCarthy). McCarthy used a list he made up to gain notoriety with …show more content…

This is an example of how McCarthy valued personal gain at the expense of others. It also shows how out of control white lies can become. Also in this article it is noted that, “McCarthy used this fear in his rise to power. He proclaimed that communist spies were everywhere and that with his help America could be saved” (U.S Using the power of fear he comes to power saying that communists are among them, and vows to expose them.McCarthy doesn’t know for sure whether or not any of the politicians he is accusing are guilty are not. Everyone listens to him though because he is saying what they want to hear. These are ways that rumors start when someone is looking to you, and you just want power.Joseph McCarthy is just like the girls in “The Crucible” he wants to be heard, while also having power. In both these instances they get more than what they thought they were …show more content…

John convinces Mary that she must go in front of the court, and prove his wife is innocent. Mary Warren says, “I never saw no spirits” (Act 3, 1147). These four words put doubt in everyone that is involved in the rumors since the beginning. This may not have freed Elizabeth but in a way it has freed Mary Warren’s soul because she knows she did the right thing. Rumors took a toll on Mary Warren in a way no one will ever forget. She may have started these rumors, but she also tried to help put an end to it to save Elizabeth. While she wasn’t able to save her she was able to save what little bit of her soul she had left after these rumors.
Another person who was deeply affected by these lies was Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail Williams who all the rumors started from hates Elizabeth for being with man she loves. So much so that she has her accused of witchcraft by hiding a poppet in her home. Cheever tells the Proctors that, “The girl, the Williams girl, Abigail Williams, sir. She sat to dinner in Reverend Parris’s house tonight, and without word nor warnin’ she falls to the floor. Like a struck beast… And he goes to save her, and, stuck two inches in the flesh or her belly, he draw out a needle”(Act 2,

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