Transcontinenta's Economic Expansion

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Thesis: From my understanding, during the process of the economy’s expansion; the reason for this, are due to, immigration and better opportunities. Immigrants, from Southern and Eastern Europe outnumbered cities, by over one to three million people. There were, of course, other reasons for this expansion; The laissez-faire was the reason for this as well. They were the policy that wouldn’t deal with free trade, free enterprise, as well as, marketing. Although, many people thought it only protect only the weak competitors from better ones. But, it was before, the civil war that planters rely on; they were known as middlemen, who would sell their supplies to them. Once, they’ve done this it extended credit, along with marketing crops of their own through urban merchants. Well, in the south, hundreds of thousands of tenants, and sharecroppers who needed far more localized credit network. This would have been difficult without the idea of having a transcontinental railroad system. It wasn’t until the early 1830s that the idea of …show more content…

Cargoes had to unload goods and supplies, onto different lines so that they could make it to their correct destination. By this happening, it caused a lot of confusion to them. J. Edgar Thomas and Cornelius Vanderbilt, were the two railroad consolidators who made orders on the railroad confusion. But, there were technical difficulties during the time, rivalries were resentful over the route locations; so it wasn’t, until, the civil war that massive expenses prevented actions. In 1862, congress began the pacific railroads act, it also provided funding for the Union Pacific Railroad and the Central Pacific Railroad. But, the other transcontinental lines came in shortly after. There were problems with finance in 1873 and 1893, which they had to immediately stop the process of construction; and many ventures were

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