Treatment Of Women In Medieval Times Essay

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Women of the Medieval Times Women have always had a significant role in history even though they were treated horrible in most cases. During the Medieval Times was really the first time women were allowed to become more than just a house wife. The fight for equality has always been a struggle and even in today’s society is still an ongoing battle. Although women of lower and middle class were treated poorly in the Medieval Times, some powerful women held great responsibility and were looked up too by both men and children; despite being admired, “men were thought to be not only physically stronger but more emotionally stable, more intelligent, and morally less feeble” (Hopkins 5). “The position of women in the Medieval Society was greatly influenced by the views of the Roman Catholic Church” (Heeve). Women were held responsible for the first original sin or sometimes known as the fall of mankind. Since Eve took the apple from the snake the church felt it was necessary to punish all women for her mistakes. In the book of Genesis, God tells Eve “Your Desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you” (Hopkins 5-6). People during the Medieval Society took this as an order that women should at all times be obedient to their Summerlin 2 husbands. The church got rich off of peoples fear of the devil and again, women were the subject of …show more content…

“Women could not be doctors, priests, judges, or lawyers” (Hopkins 8). For several years there was these bias towards men and because of that women were not entitled to vote, did not receive an education unless you were of royalty, and they were forced to surrender any land inherited to them to their husbands or brother. Women were also only allowed to move to a new community by marrying a man from a different

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