Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Of 1911

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The triangle shirtwaist factory had a massive fire on March 26th, 1911 that resulted in the deaths of 141 workers. The workers would wake up every day to face a 12-hour shift whit very little pay. They would work in cramped conditions every day to make a mere $15 a week. Of the 600 workers, 141 people were employed on the top floors including the owners. Those on the top floor were the ounces that had their lives claimed by the fire except for the owner and those who escaped through the roof. Of the 142 lives the fire had claimed at least 125 of those people were woman or just mere teenagers. This fire was horrific as people from the street so women jumping from the bulding to their deaths in order to escape the fiery hell. Some bodies were so charred family members could only recognize them by the cloth threw wore and the trinkets they had. However, the owners are still to blame for this tragedy. Their lack of taking proper safety measures caused the death of 141 people. The factory owners were responsible for the triangle fire because, they failed to run fire drills, the had all the emergency exits locked and they failed to warn the people on the floor about the fire. The workers are also to blame for their lack of awareness and their failure to warn one another. …show more content…

The girls trapped on the 8th floor were freaking out during the fire and had no idea what they should do in case of an emergency. If everyone had remained calm the elevator could’ve made more trips and saved more lives. The deaths of the girls who jumped to their deaths could’ve been avoided if they had specific emergency plans to follow. With some instruction countless more lives could’ve been

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