Much Ado About Nothing Trickery Analysis

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Much Ado About Nothing Much Ado About Nothing, by William Shakespeare.The book is about how trickery is used.Trickery in the book is used a lot specially when it comes to someone that is in love.Also trickery is used on the ones that think they will never fall in love.The characters that get trick in here are Claudio,Hero,Benedick and Beatrice.Claudio and Hero are the first ones that fall in love at the moment that they see each other like love at first sight.Benedick and Beatrice they aren’t like Claudio and Hero.Beatrice likes to talk bad about Benedick when she hasn’t even met him.Beatrice meets Benedick and they both start talking bad about each other. The first person that gets trick will be claudio.As an example of how trickery is …show more content…

(2.2.55-56).What Claudio didn't knew was that Don John had a plan already to destroy him and make him think bad of Hero and not marry her.Don John made up his mind and he wasn’t going to back up. ”Let us to the great supper.Their cheer is the greater that I am subdued.we’re my mind shall we go prove what’s to be done”.(1.3.69-71)this means that Don John has so much hate against Claudio and he is willing to destroy him for loving the person that wants for him. Don John plain is to tell Prince that he is concerned about something so that way Claudio says that he is free to talk in front of him,As Don John speaks bad about Hero Claudio doesn't believes what is coming out of Don john.Claudio wants prove of what Don John is talking about ,they …show more content…

“If she should make tender of her love,its very possible hell scorn it for the man”.(2.3.185-186).Prince has maid a plan to trick Benedick.The plan is to make Benedick think that Beatrice is in love with Benedick.As Benedick was listening to prince talk he heard him saying that Beatrice was so deapdly in love with him.”This can’t be no trick”.(2.3.223-223)Benedick couldn’t believe what his ears just heard about Beatrice being in love with him.Benedick was so trick into the words that came out of prince mouth.”Here comes Beatrice.By this day she’s a fair lady.I do spy some marks of love in her”.(2.3.246-248)Benedick now that he heard what prince was talking,he was falling in love with Beatrice.At the moment when he saw Beatrice coming towards him he realize that he was seing some beuty in her.Benedick was acting alittle weird around Beatrice.Beatrice didn’t knew that she was about to be trick the same way as Benedick.Hero and Ursula had a plan just like prince.”That Benedick loves Beatrice so entirely?”.Beatrice couldn’t help the fact of what she was

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