Truman Capote's Last Ditch Effort To Help Perry In In Cold Blood

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Capote’s Last Ditch Effort to Help Perry Although in In Cold Blood, Truman Capote is illustrating the aftermath of the murders, his prime motive is to humanize and create sympathy for Perry; therefore he asserts that the Law is biased and cruel to those who commit crimes. By utilizing amplification when describing the jury present at Dick and Perry’s murder trial, Capote is able to reveal the jury’s dangerous bias against the two. It consisted of “half a dozen farmers, a pharmacist, a nursery manager, an airport employee, a well driller, two salesmen, a machinist, and the manager of Ray’s Bowling Alley. They were all family men (several had five children or more) and were seriously affiliated with one or another of the local churches” (Capote 273). Elongating the …show more content…

During the trial, the doctor who analyzed Perry’s sanity, Dr. Jones, testified his opinion: “‘From your conversations and examination of Perry Edward Smith, do you have an opinion as to whether he knew right from wrong at the time of the offense involved in this action?’... Answer yes or no, do you have an opinion?’ ‘No’” (Capote 296). He then follows this up with a lengthy and detailed description of how the Doctor would have defended his response had he been allowed by the prosecution to elaborate. Thusly, the abrupt and staccato “No,” and the long and circuitous defense, creates a juxtaposition and further emphasizes the section. This emphasis, in turn, stresses how important Dr. Jones’s explanation would have been had he been able to share it. By not allowing the Doctor to elaborate, the court is denying Perry the testimony he needs, they are shattering all options for fairness that he has. Thereupon, shining light onto the darker, more unfair side of the justice system that conspires against those that do

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