Tybalt And Mercutio's Death In Romeo And Juliet

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When Tybalt and Mercutio began fighting it was because of one, pride in their name and two, not wanting to seem weaker than the other. With these thoughts engraved hard into their brains, neither would back down. This led to Mercutio’s death. Another example of having too much pride, is when Juliet’s dad decided to arrange his daughter's marriage. He wanted Juliet to marry someone that he believed was worthy of their name, and in doing so he showed that he did not care so much as to how much that man made Juliet happy. As stated in Act III, scene V line 2268, Juliet’s father said “...hang thee, young baggage! Disobedient wretch! I tell thee what: get thee to church o’Thursday, or never after look me in the face: speak not, reply not, do no …show more content…

When Tybalt killed Mercutio, Romeo acted without thinking because he was angry that his friend was now dead. As it says in Act III, scene I, like 1635, “...that late thou gavest me; for Mercutio’s soul is but a little way above our heads staying for thine to keep him company: either thou, or I, or both, must go with him.” Romeo wanted to avenge his friend's death but did not think about the consequences and acted impulsively. He killed Tybalt, and because he did so he was forced to move to Verona. My last example of impulsive behavior was when Romeo decided to kill himself. He had tunnel vision because he did not get exactly what he wanted so he took things to drastic measures. He says in Act V, scene III, line 2965 “...give me the light upon thy life I charge thee, whate’er thou hear’st or seest, stand all aloof and do not interrupt me in my course, why I descend into this bed of death is partly to behold my lady’s face…” If Romeo would not of made this rash decision and actually thought about what he was doing then he would have been alive to see Juliet wake up, and Friar Laurence’s plan would have worked out. He acted on emotions and not reasons, this led to his death and later

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