Understated Style In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Did you know that over six million people died in concentration camps during the Holocaust? Even though there were many people that died, there were also many survivors. Elie Wiesel was one of those survivors and he wrote the book Night which tells the story of his time in the concentration camps. Wiesel’s writing style can be described as understated by his use of sentence fragments and one-word sentences, use of dialogue, and italics for emphasis. A style device that Wiesel uses to develop his understated style is the use of sentence fragments. He uses these to convey shock from the trauma that he went through in the concentration camps at a young age. An example of this is when he writes, “Spring 1944.” This helps the reader understand that he only knows the blatant facts on the situation. Another example of Wiesel’s understated style through the use of sentence fragments is, “The eight days of Passover.” The brief thoughts that Weisel is having, is developed at the speed of how …show more content…

The use of dialogue is used to understand the suffering that the prisoners were going through in that moment. An example of this is when Wiesel writes, “I'm burning u p ... Why are you so mean to me, my son ? ... Water…” When his father is speaking like this it makes the reader feel how confused and scared Elies dad was at this moment. Without this dialogue it would be much more difficult for the reader to understand what Elies dad was going through. Another example of Wiesel’s understated writing style through the use of dialogue is when he writes, “So! You still don't know how to march in step, you old good- for-nothing?" This is showing how the German soldiers were speaking to Elie’s father and how cruel they were to the prisoners. Wiesel's use of dialogue contributes to his understated writing style by using characters to say important information instead of just writing it out as a

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