Unimaginable Horrors In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Horrors of the night
Most people are not afraid of the night but are afraid of what lurks in it. Elie Wiesel is the sole survivor in his family who witnessed countless unimaginable horrors, including the death of his own father. “Night” the memoir Elie wrote to commemorate his life follows Elie and his family through the holocaust. In the book surrounding his life, the theme unimaginable horrors are plentiful. The theme of unimaginable horrors is presented in the book “Night” as shown on pages 32, 65, and 110 as well as more. Everything that was close to Elie was taken away from him and must live with these memories forever. He no longer views himself as human because of this. In his perspective he is a corpse. Living dead, haunted …show more content…

All of that was about to change. Elie gets sent to the German concentration camp Auschwitz following the timeline of World War II. He would not be freed from these camps for another 11 months. During this time Elie would bare witness to some of the most gruesome and grotesque things to ever occur on earth. “Babies. Yes, I did see this with my own eyes…children thrown into the flames.” (Wiesel 32) In this quote children are being murdered by the Germans because they are not considered “useful.” Life so quickly brought into this world, taken out just as easily. Another memory darkening his mind so much that it is darker than night itself. Night will pass but it will come again. Just like these memories. Elie never truly forgot. They will always come back and haunt him forever. Babies being thrown into the pits of fire is a picture so morbid you would think you were in a nightmare. Ellies life contained many memories like …show more content…

When Elie was separated from his mother and sister at the beginning of the book Elie was only left with his father. When things got tough, they continued pushing for each other. They made sacrifices for each other and always made sure the other was ok. Elie had lost the rest of his family so his father meant the world to him. At the end of the book this is also taken away from him. “Eliezer…I could see he was still breathing in gasps. I didn’t move.” His worst fear had come true, his father had died. His last words being his name. He called out to Elie; he did not answer. The sound of his father calling out in pain, haunting him

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