Use Of Satire In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Guy Montag promotes satire through his action in burning books to keep the public from asking questions and to ensure everyone’s happiness. To ensure happiness the government has firefighters burn books so the public doesn’t have any other ideas other than portrayed by the government and what is shown on TV. By government rule fireman have been told to burn every book the public has including the house they are found in “it was a pleasure to burn” (Liukkonen). Montag enjoyed burning books as his job until his perspective changed. This example shows how brain washed the public has become because of the ban on books. Furthermore burning books and the house they were in was a bigger punishment than it should have been. This stance on books was …show more content…

First he talks about how the walls are full of life and people, this he is referring to television. “Entertainment is provided by tapioca bland television that provides information on all four walls” (Sisario). This shows the people positive news and no news on the war that is bound to happen at any given time. Secondly the use of visual information is pushed upon the people so that they think that the books are giving off false information. The use of books have been outlawed because “It might potentially incite people to think or to question the overall thought of happiness and freedom” (Sisario). By burning the evidence of books and all of the information in the books the government has initiated a spot where people can’t think or really do anything other than TV. This example shows why they started to burn the books. Lastly the mass media television has inflicted on humans has taken over their social life and will to speak to others. “Television and popular magazines have reduced our society to mediocre tasks” (Sisario). This evidence shows how we have become lazy and are not willing to do harder tasks. All in all the exaggeration of television and technology have taken over this society and is starting to brain wash

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