Utilitarianism Medical Marijuana Research Paper

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Recently the use of medical marijuana has become a very controversial topic among the community and government. Marijuana has a stereotype with hippies and drug offences, often leading to its medical benefits being overlooked consequently marijuana is only rarely given to patients with extreme conditions. It is not being used efficiently as well as not being used to its potential. Several states in Australia still consider the use of medical marijuana a prohibited act and the few states and territories that don’t prohibit the drug only allow the use for medical conditions. However, it is very restricted regarding who can access the medicine. Being a new topic there are very few philosophical events that relate to the use of medical marijuana, however, the philosophical theory of Utilitarianism can still be applied. The thing that needs to be understood is the difference between medical marijuana and marijuana. Medical …show more content…

The main ethical challenge about the use of medical marijuana is the fact that many people are against drug use and marijuana is an illegal substance in many parts of Australia. Being a new topic there are very few philosophical events/report that analyse medical marijuana, however, the rule of utilitarianism can still be applied. Utilitarianism is a theory where the pros and cons are evaluated on the outcomes of choosing one action/policy over other actions/policies, it takes the action and interests of others into account (na, 2003, Online Guide to Ethics and Moral Philosophy). The use of medical marijuana obeys the theory of Utilitarianism as it benefits the minority of people that require access to the drug and does not cause any harm to those who do not require the drug. It has become clear that the position of ethicist must be with the use of medical marijuana as it provides the most favourable outcome for the entire

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