Various Subjugations In Toni Morrison's Beloved And Home

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The aim of this assignment is to portray the various subjugations faced by Toni Morrison’s characters in her award winning novel and novella Beloved and Home respectively, inorder to depict the voice of the suppressed. While Beloved shows slavery as an outcome of racism, Home portrays the aftermath of war and the ill effects of gendered racism. Morrison wrote Home in the backdrop of the 1950s, where racism prevailed and many medical experiments were conducted on army veterans and Blacks. The novella is narrated through the eyes of the protagonist, Frank Money, who is a Korean War veteran. His sister Ycindra (Cee) and girlfriend Lily are the female characters depicted by Morrison. “Through Money, Home calls us to acknowledge not only America’s independent registers of injustice but also the ways in which we personally contribute (howsoever unconsciously) to a national record of violence and oppression” (Wales). Home begins when “Money awakens in a mental institution, shell-shocked and hallucinating” (Jones) before he is going to be with administered with medical experiments. The entire novella is narrated through his memories and visions of the past while also addressing the present. Morrison’s insistence that the past informs the present is very much alive in this work as well. In order to take responsibility for their lives, Frank Money and sister Cee must unravel the mysteries of their pasts. Money’s memoires of the war paralyze him, and he must come to terms

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