Case Study: Vehar V. Cole National Group

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Introduction This case study of Vehar v. Cole National Group is a case where the plaintiff, Wendy Vehar, accused Cole National Group of sex discrimination claiming that as a female she was not being the same wage as a male for performing the same duties. Additionally this study will determine if the plaintiff established a valid prima facie as well as if there was a basis for equal work. Next, what factors did the appeals court base its decision and why is the other-than-sex factor that is presented by the employer insufficient to avoid a trial? Finally, what should the employer have done differently to ensure this type of situation did not occur in their business?
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In this particular case, the organizational culture at Cole National Group was poor causing internal issue, which eventually blended over and caused poor exterior culture through this court case. One of the first things I noted was the lack of communication between management and the employees where policy and procedure for advancement and pay were concerned. Additionally if a Cole National Group is going to do performance reports, they should be part of the deciding factor in advancement, promotions, extra training, company benefits, and pay increases. Finally rewarding individuals for poor or average performance with pay raises and promotions sets a poor standard for the company and eventually will lead to losing knowledge workers and eventually customers. Cole needed to hold Leipold and Crosley to a higher standard of work as they did Vehar making the playing field fair and allowing a person to be promoted or given a raise based on merit, and ability rather than

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