Veterans Prescription Drugs

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The unprecedented use of prescription drugs by soldiers and veterans began during the second Gulf War and continues unabated today. The combination of increasingly prescribed drugs during and after military service has led to violence, suicide, incarceration, homelessness and in many cases chronic mental disabilities while under care and treatment from the VA. In many circumstances this has become a disability that most veterans can 't recover from because of numerous psychiatric drugs. I will be talking with you about the effects of prescribed medication and the effects that they have on veterans that could cause them to become unemployed and ultimately homeless. A lot of service members are skeptical about seeking professional help due to…show more content…
Some of the most common symptoms that would cause veterans to seek medication for are, chronic anxiety, nightmares, and flashbacks. The chronic anxiety could be triggered by depressed mood and pain, and or irritability due to pain. These are just a few reasons why the effects of prescribed drugs for veterans can cause unemployment and homelessness. Drugs like antidepressants can cause serious issues, antidepressants interact with the body and brain chemistry in a assortment of different ways, and can treat a number of conditions, and for vets with PTSD these drugs are mainly issued and prescribed to attack the effects of major depression disorders. With these antidepressants and depending on the chemical compounds that the medication contains, antidepressants can be described and classified by various types; which include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake (SNRIs). These vets are issued and prescribed not only antidepressants, but they are issued and prescribed anti-anxiety drugs, antipsychotics,mood stabilizers, and sleep aids. These contributors along with the everyday strains of life ,would drive anyone to their…show more content…
The world thinks that prescribing medication for veterans is the secret cure to all of the PTSD issues, but this is one of the main causes of homelessness and unemployment amongst veterans. These are some of the diagnoses that along with the prescribed medication have these effects, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is diagnosed when the veteran complains of some sort of memory lost or concentration problem. The side effects brought on by Adderall are fast pounding or uneven heart beats, pain or burning when you urinate, talking more than usual, feelings of extreme happiness or sadness, numbness, tingling, or strange sensation under your skin, tremors, hallucinations, unusual behavior and motor tics or muscle twitches; penis erections that are painful or last 4hours or longer, high blood pressure, sever headaches, buzzing in your ears, anxiety, confusion, chest pain and seizure. This is just the effects of one of the drugs prescribed to our veterans, think about the other 400 hundred other drugs and their effects and compile them with this one. How can our service men and women who return home from combat survive and function in the world with these issues let
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