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Children have never been very good at listening, but are very good at intimidating. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor, after obtaining an abundance of knowledge unknowingly created a creature that would soon seek revenge due to his feeling of rejection. Victor had been loved unconditionally by his parents. However he was not given the direction and reinforcement he desired while he was growing up. Victor was allowed to quarantine himself by his parents, rather than being educated to a better life. Throughout the story Mary Shelley presents the idea of knowledge and how much of it Victor Frankenstein has. This enormous supply of intelligence will have a consequence on the product of his scientific actions. Frankenstein has been engrossed …show more content…

After Victor witnesses the blasted tree, representing the motif of lightning or fire, he believes it is in his civil duty to bring death to life. He creates a monster using the body parts of previous living humans. However, Victor was not there for the creature to learn from and therefore the creature is forced to believe that his physical attributes were a purposeful act of evil, based on the books he procured. He reads the books as though they are all true histories of the world. In his mind the biblical story of Milton’s defines his own life. He does not see himself as Adam, but rather as Satan. Unlike Adam, the creature is alone, without a creator to protect him or even an Eve to share his life with. In Paradise Lost, the biblical story referenced in Frankenstein, Adam forced himself into isolation and rejection after he has sinned. Victor has rejected his creation without giving him a chance. Victor causes the creature's hideous appearance forcing the creature to live his life in isolation. After the creature is continuously rejected and turned away from he becomes violent and seeks revenge on mankind. The creature is nothing more than an outcast of society, in fear of everyone and anything. Perhaps with no one around to teach the purpose of life, there isn’t

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