Audio Visual Aids Research Paper

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Audio-visual aids help people remember points, and have the following advantages:
• They have immediate impact
• Ideas become clear
• Key points are emphasised
• They give variety to the presentation
• Ideas are conveyed in a short space of time.
• The presentation looks professional
• They guide the speaker and the audience
• Help keep the attention of the audience

Types of audio-visual aids:
• Overhead projectors
• Flip charts
• Chalk and board
• Posters
• Models
• 35mm slide projectors
• Videos
• Tape recorders

d) Create a mind-map
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After all the necessary research has been done and information has been collected, a mind-map is a good way of starting to organise …show more content…

Editing means that you re-look your writing, sentence construction, lay-out and format and improve on what you have already done. Below are some choices of words and other considerations that will need attention when editing work. Some people find this exercise boring, but remember, practice makes perfect!

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Using Synonyms
Try to avoid using the same word over and over in your piece. A thesaurus can help you find synonyms, or words with similar meanings. Using a range of words will made your talk more interesting.

Saying the direct opposite of one’s thoughts in order to create an effect is what we call irony. It is also an event or situation that seems very nice, but turns out to be the opposite of what you thought it would be. Some audience members may find irony difficult to pick-up irony which may cause misunderstandings.

This is a word that is pronounced like another word but with a different meaning and different spelling, e.g. sow (seeds) and sew (with a needle). It is important to ensure that the correct word has been used.

This is a word that is spelt and pronounced like another word, but with a different meaning, e.g. ruler (Someone with power) and ruler (measuring instrument). Again, it is important to ensure that the correct word has been

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