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Samuel colt was one of the first to make a modernized handgun. It was a revolver which means it didnt need reloaded after every shot "How does a gun work"Chris bast. He went to india to get some help with his ideas and came back with 3 models and many prototypes. All were very complicated and he got a patent "How does a gun work" Chris bast. The colt python was considered to be the most well known handgun. His pistol was extremely popular in 18502 as it was used by the army. He had great success and had many gunsmiths working for him. "Normal citizens own guns now" said Samuel colt. The government ended up,ordering about a thousand of his models to test for war. It was a great revolver and invention for his time period.
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Waffles are all just batter or dough. Some popular waffles are the leige waffle, Brussels waffle, and the flemish waffle. The main ingredient are milk, eggs, flour, salt, milk and vanilla. Each have there own key roles. The vanilla is used for good flavoring while the flour is used to make the dough firm. Milk adds flavor and helps balance the doughs texture wikipedia-the free encyclopedia. Salt is added flavor also. Eggs add protein and oil helps not stick the waffle to the iron or pan. Some good waffle topping are butter, berries, caramel, chocolate and jelly. When the waffle was first created it was cooked on an oublie. Now its cooked on a waffle iron. Americans have changed the waffle to be denser and thicker and also sweeter. After you learned about waffles, fishing might sound fun. Both fishing lures and waffles are easy to make if you just …show more content…

There are 2 main types of dirt bike engines, 2 and 4 strokes. 2 strokes are generally faster than 4 strokes. Both try and have fairly lightweight designs. 4 strokes have better low end power while 2 strokes are opposite. Most are fairly simple engine designs. 3 moving components are what each engine consist of. Different sizes range between 50cc to 500cc. Bigger cc is more engine power and bigger engine. "2 strokes do not have a timing gear while 4 strokes do" Someca Brown dirt bikes. each engine has a piston and engine valves. 4 strokes include an engine lubrication system. Each different types have spark plugs and a crankshaft. "The traditional dirt bike is a 2 stroke" Someca Brown dirt bikes. Four stroke engines are more complex because of there being more parts like a car engine would be. Overall a 4 stroke is more heavy, harder to fix, but is better for the environment and the engine will last longer without being fixed. 2 strokes are worse for the environment, cost a little more for gas and oil to use, but are lighter, faster and mostly a louder dirt

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