Walmart's Five Year Stock 2012

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As can be seen in the 5 year stock chart below (Figure 5), Wal-Mart’s stock started off stronger than the Dow Jones if we compare it in 2012. Towards the rest of the year, one begins to see that percentage wise, Wal-Mart begins to flirt with the rest of the market as it enters a slight downward trend. In the beginning of 2013, the markets take off, bypassing Wal-Mart and never looking back. Comparing Wal-Mart to it’s competitors like Target and Costco in 2012, one may see that all three stocks were relatively competitive. Once they entered 2013, Costco begins to pull away from the rest of the companies because of great PR and strong numbers in inventory sales and membership registrations (The Montley Fool). Today, Wal-Mart only stands above

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