Was The American Revolution Avoidable?

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Was the American Revolution Avoidable? The Revolutionary War was avoidable because England could have not upset the colonists, and could have been fair to them, and the colonists could have not rebelled against the British. There is multiple ways either of these could have happened, such as England could have not taxed the colonists so unfairly. On the other side of the argument, the colonists could have not make revolution propaganda against Britain or destroyed Britains trade goods. To summarize, both sides could have done many things differently to avoid war. One reason the American Revolution was avoidable was Britain could have been fair to the colonists. As shown in the Legislation Bank, the colonists were victim to many different …show more content…

After all the taxes and limitations were placed onto the colonists, they were angry and wanted war, this is shown from the tarring and feathering of the British and the disregard of taxes and acts placed on them by the British, many of the colonists used propaganda to support the cause such as Thomas Paine’s book “Common Sense” or Paul Revere’s paining of the Boston Massacre, these were both used as effective propaganda to anger the colonists against the British, but if these were not created, the revolution would not have had as much strength, and might have died down, which would have avoided the war or if people had listened to the colonists that did not want war or loyalists that showed that there was a way to resolve the differences without violence, as shown in James Chalmer’s Pamphlet, “Plain Truth”. Another way the war could have been avoided is if the British had signed the Olive Branch Petition, as shown in the Second Continental Congress meeting, which would give the colonies independence from Britain and there would be no need for the war. However, this did not happen, the British declined the Olive Branch Petition and went to war with the colonies. These sources show that there was many ways other than actions that the Revolutionary War could have been avoided. To sum it all up, there was many ways that the Revolutionary War could have been avoided, such as the British not being unfair to the colonists, or the colonists not rebelling against the British. Some of these ways were show in the Legislation Bank, with all of the taxes or limitations on the colonies. Other ways are shown in the propaganda made by Paul Revere or Thomas Paine, which unified the colonists against the British and made it look like the British were

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