Was The Us Justified In Going To War With Mexico Essay

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Did you know California, and Texas was owned by the Mexicans before it became a state? This was the result of a war that took place in Mexico fought by the Mexican and US soldiers during 1846-1848. The war started because President Polk convinced Congress that Mexico had invaded the US. However, no one knew the most important detail, the unspoken truth. The United States was not justified in going to war with Mexico because the war started because racially motivated (Manifest Destiny) ideas, the disputed area does not belong to the United States, and not the whole truth was offered to the Congress. One reason that proved the United States were unjustified in going to war with Mexico is the idea of going to war was racially motivated. Like many Americans, Polk believed ït is America’s right to stretch from sea to shining sea”. This means President Polk believed that the Americans were better than everyone else. This made President Polk very bias in his speech since he believed the US should rightfully control the whole continent. Believing one is better than the other is not a good reason to start a war, this is one reason why United States were not justified on going to war with Mexico. …show more content…

A Mexican citizen living at the time period of the Mexican American war said “they have at last invaded our territory, and shed the blood of our fellow-citizens on our own soil”. Polk declared in his speech that the Mexicans had attacked first, killing US citizens on US territory. Polk wasn’t lying, but since the land the first battle started on was the disputed area, Polk had no right to say the Mexicans wanted war by attacking them on their soil. This makes the Congress under Polk’s influence unjustified of declaring war on

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