Were The Colonists Justified

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Has anyone heard about how the colonist fought against the British? Most definitely you sure did, but have you come to think why the colonist fought them? Well, because of the fact that the Colonist was being under the control of Britain and no longer wanted to be, under anyone's control. So, the Colonist were justified to revolt against the British. I believe they were justified to revolt because, British violated the Colonist rights, the British impacted the Colonists' economic opportunity, and the Colonists' life and liberty was impacted. To get start off why the Colonist had to do something or they would be under control for a long period of time, is the Colonists' rights were being violated and ignored. "Grenville knew that American …show more content…

The Colonist did not get any say on anything political, only Parliament decided, after the Colonist were taxed on the Stamp act, Parliament went for another tax, "The Stamp Act taught the British that the colonists would resisted internal taxes---those paid inside the colonies. As a result, in 1767 Parliament passed the Townshend Acts to tax imported goods, such as glass , tea, and paper. The tax was paid when the goods arrived--before they were brought inside the colonies."( Discovering Our Past A history of the United States -PG-115) Basically stating that because of this Stamp Act that taxed practically everything that was made out of paper, they could easily get them to still pay that paper tax, and a couple of others, and not just from importing but from things already inside that were paid were now taxed as well, and guess what? The Red Coats gave the Colonist no say against this, it just was added. The British tried to control them by creating, oh great, another act. "In 1774 Parliament responded by passing a series of laws called Coercive Acts... Forced to let British soldiers live among the Colonists... One of the Coercive Acts banned town meeting in Massachusetts. Another closed Boston Harbor until the colonists paid for the ruined tea. This stopped most shipments of food and other supplies to the colony... Parliament also passed the Quebec Act. This law created a government for Canada and extended its territory south all the way to the Ohio River.... The Colonists believed all of these new laws violated their rights as English citizens." (Discovering our Past A History of the United States PG-119) This new act was very painful for the Colonist, making basically Massachusetts to get cut off from the other colonies so the British could have complete control of one of those colonies, and the Colonists were also English like the

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