What Are The Causes Of The Cold War

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The Cold War emerged after the end of World War II when the tentative alliance that was formed between The United States of American, Britain and The Soviet Union, started to crumble. Although all parties entered the alliance with notation that it was best for their respective countries, once World War II ended, tensions and disagreements that were previously put aside started to rise again, causing strains on the alliance. These strains included the ideological conflict between the nations, as well as the finical means of each nation. They were caused due to each parties’ nature in believing that they were the superior country, always having the best solution, and unwillingness to comprise with the problem before them. These strains became some of the leading long term causes for the Cold War influencing events such as the Yalta Conference, the Truman Document, Marshalls plan. Each of these events play a role in causing the tension to grow, as well as suspicions on each side as to whether to trust their allies. …show more content…

Both the United States and Britain prided themselves in their democrat / capitalist nature while the Soviet Union believed that communism was a better way to rule a country. The capitalist mind frame was the idea of having a free market where you were able to spend money where you wanted and worked for your money trying to climb the ladder of success. Along with this the ability to have a free market where you were able to buy what you can afford and have the ability to become rich and pull yourself out of

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