What Are The Effects Of The Dred Scott Vs Sanford Case

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The case of Dredd Scott vs Sanford and its ruling by the Supreme Court had significantly influenced the subject of slavery. The effect of the decision declared that no black, enslaved or free, was allowed to claim citizenship in the US. Slaves were considered property and had no right to consider themselves individuals. The Dredd Scott case decision specified that Congress wasn’t allowed to abolish slavery in US territories. The decision was morally wrong, in my opinion, and it proved unsuccessful to recognize the rights of the free peoples. The ruling also have many social and political consequences which startled angry resentment in the North which led to one step closer to the start of the civil war. The passage of the 14th amendment overridden …show more content…

Emerson was a U.S. army surgeon who lived in Missouri which allowed slavery. Scott, the slave, went to live with Emerson in Illinois, which had slavery abolished. They eventually lived in Wisconsin in which slavery was prohibited due to the Missouri Compromise. Emerson and Scott both returned to Missouri, then Emerson died a few years later. In order to ensure his freedom, Scott sued the Emerson’s wife. Scott delivered his argument on the fact that Illinois and Wisconsin, his and his master’s former residency, made him a free individual. A state court ruled in Scott’s favor, but that Supreme Court of Missouri reversed that decision. At the same time, Scott became property of John Sanford in New York. Scott’s lawyers transferred the case to federal court because Sanford didn’t reside in Missouri. The court ruled against Scott, and his lawyers took the case to the Supreme …show more content…

In the South, slaves were used as labor to work in the fields. Slaves were not permitted to have any rights nor were they given the respect of family life or basic human freedom. The case decision further created a division between the North from South. In the South, they enforced the idea that states had the right to control their own laws. However, the North enforced the concept of a strong nation have control over certain rights. The issue of slavery became a hot topic in the South mainly because it offended the North’s sense of morality. The decision was a product of the governing system. The courts are not given the ability to write laws but only can interpret laws passed by the US Congress. The main issue was that the court could only interpret what was framed as a problem regarding slaves as property and not citizens. They were simply seen as property owned by individuals, who were free. The basis that an owned can’t be denied his right to own property is considered unfair by government rules. The slave who is a human is considered property, but his master

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