What Are The Ethical Issues In The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks

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HeLa has made a great contribution to the way that the world sees and learns about cells. The HeLa cells have a astonishing story behind them. This story starts with a women names Henrietta Lacks. In the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Rebecca Skloot told us the journey of the Lacks family and pointed out many ethical problems throughout the book. The issue of race was what stood out the most to me as I was reading. Over and over again it was clearly pointed out that Henrietta was a women who was black. This then led people to believe because of her race she did not matter. I believe Skloot saw racism as a problem but did not express this as much as she did other reasons in the book. Race was shown as a problem in several different …show more content…

When Henrietta went to John Hopkins Hospital she soon found out that she had Cervical Cancer. While she was under anesthetics they took some cells without her knowledge and gave them to a lab. If she had been a white women I feel as if they would have asked her for a sample of her cells and respected her decision whether it be yes or no. The hospital continued to do things that she did not know of. The Doctors put countless lies on her health records and did not try there hardest to ease the pain for Henrietta. If it had been a white women she would have been given medicine and therapy to help heal her body and mind but Henrietta was given nothing but a small pain reliever. She was left lying on her death bed while her mind and thoughts destroy her sanity till she …show more content…

Even after Henrietta's death people still kept wanting things from her family when they still didn't even know about her cells. People wanted to do experiments of the family cause their cells had direct connections to Henrietta's. They would tell the family lies such as we are testing to see if they will be positive for cancer but there wasn’t even a test for cancer. The family didn’t know there wasn’t a test because they didn't have knowledge of the science world. Even if the doctors did try to explain the situation to the family they wouldn't understand the meaning of all the big words used. When the family finally learned about the cells they had learned not to trust people asking the about Henrietta and disclosed themselves to the whole situation. They did not care to talk to anyone who wanted to know about the cells or their family knowing that the person really didn’t care about the Lacks family they just wanted answers to there never ending

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