What Are The Symbols In Young Goodman Brown

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Short Story Essay: Symbolism Symbolism, self-explanatory, something serving as a symbol. In the short story, Young Goodman Brown, symbolism is shown by the wife’s name, Faith, and the pink bow that Faith wears in her hair, and the snake staff. These three things have odd ways of being symbolic but this essay is going to break it down. First, Goodman Browns wife's name, Faith, is symbolic. Faith being a name and also a strong belief in something. While reading the story some people may question Faiths character, wondering if she is actually a person or if when they say Faith they are only referring to Goodman’s belief in God. As Goodman Brown is leaving and him and Faith are saying their goodbyes he tells her that she cannot give up that he will be back. He tells her not to lose her Faith in him. On Goodman Brown’s trip through the woods he realizes that he cannot lose his faith or it is likely that he may not return home to his Faith. Secondly, Faith’s pink bow is symbolic because the color pink is generally associated with innocence or purity. At the beginning of the story, Hawthorne mentions Faith’s ribbon multiple time expressing the fact that Faith is youthful and happy. Later, he reintroduces Faith’s ribbons when Young Goodman Brown is in the forest struggling with his doubts about the …show more content…

The snake on the end of the staff represents the devil. No other animal makes you think of the devil like a snake does. In Young Goodman Brown, the staff is brought into the story when Goodman Brown meets the man in the woods. “But the only thing about him, that could be fixed upon as remarkable, is his staff, which bore the likeliness of a great black snake, so curiously wrought, that it might almost be seen to twist and wriggle itself, like a living serpent.” (par. 13) This meaning the snake on his staff look so realistic that it seemed to be twisting and movie around like a living snake, showing that the devil is really

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