What Causes Joseph Stalin's Rise To Power

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World War I had many far-reaching effects, including the rise of power by three of the most influential dictators of all time. The three dictators were Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler. The dictators have many similarities including ruling with fear, mass killings, and the mindset that their country was superior of all. Also, the dictators rose to power as a result of not receiving the proper recognitions for their war efforts in WWⅠ. Joseph Stalin, a dictator of Russia, admitted that Russia would fall if and only if socialism in the country went from national to international. In attempts to help the country Stalin ordered a five-year plan, the plan was to help Russia transfer from an agricultural country into an industrial power. But when the five-year plan failed to work Stalin captured anyone who was “suspected of opposition” (page 804) and then sent them to long- term labor camps. Because Stalin was sending over eight million soviet people to camps and had killed over three million people, countries all over the world were beginning to fear Russia.
The next dictator, Benito Mussolini, was a socialist from Italy, and wholeheartedly believed that Great War was the turning point his country needed. Italy needed a turning point seeing that they were left out of the Treaty of …show more content…

Hitler rose to power while Germany was in an economic depression, and through propaganda and group think he was able to place blame (scapegoat) on the Jews for all of the troubles that Germany was facing. Some of the troubles that Germany was facing was that they were financially unstable, they had lost land due to the Treaty of Versailles, and they did not feel prideful as a German. Through group think Hitler was able to persuade the pure Germans that the Jews needed to be persecuted and sent to internment and labor camps for all of the troubles that they had

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