What Does Bernard Mean In Chapter 5 Of Brave New World

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Conclusion In Chapter 5 of Brave New World, Bernard and Lenina have meaningless sex under the influence of drugs. These events demonstrate Huxley’s depiction of the degrading society that he saw in the Roaring Twenties when he visited the promiscuous United States. By magnifying these concerns in his utopian society, he allows the reader to question the direction of the real world’s values. Bernard acts as Huxley’s voice of reason, he does not believe that someone should take drugs yet he does it to fit in with those around him. Like Huxley, Bernard is an outsider, and inherently outsiders have a different point of view than those in the mainstream. Having a character like Bernard adds a dimension to this book that enables Huxley to talk …show more content…

Although, still a level 1 controlled substance, its uses as a medicine and as a recreational drug has lead to laws being passed relaxing restrictions upon its use and possession (DEA declines to loosen restrictions on medical marijuana, 2016, para. 1). Nearly half the states within the United States of America have some form of legalized marijuana and the case has been brought to the federal government a plethora of times. Even though it is legal in the majority states researchers cannot delve deeper into the effects of marijuana in the long term (DEA declines to loosen restrictions on medical marijuana, para. 4). Huxley (1932) wanted drugs to be openly used as long as it was used in the correct medium in a safe place. Huxley (1932) respected that people feel the need to release themselves from their society, and displayed this throughout his novel. If Huxley were to live in the current era, he would most likely be proud of the recreational use of drugs only in respect to marijuana. Huxley would not be approving of some of the harder drugs used and the addiction caused by it. The newly created drugs are far more addictive than those Huxley witnessed be abused during the Roaring Twenties. Substances such as cocaine have a much greater effect on the user and this causes a much stronger addiction (Drug addiction and abuse, 2016, para.

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