What Does The Yellow Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, symbolism is very important all throughout it. Not only does he use objects to show symbolism, but he also uses color symbolism to prove the importance of the theme and development of the characteristics in the Great Gatsby. Color symbolism brings out the visual of the story, so readers can picture it in their mind as they are reading. Fitzgerald took the colors to an advanced level by using key colors to help further deepen the meaning of the book and its characters. Although there are many colors in the novel, Fitzgerald uses the colors green, white, and yellow to symbolize Gatsby’s emotions and riches. First off, Fitzgerald uses the color green to symbolize Gatsby’s money and love…show more content…
Thought out the whole novel the color yellow symbolizes Gatsby’s wealth and has something to do with Daisy. Around the world the color yellow usually means happiness and in “The Great Gatsby” the author stated, "now the orchestra is playing yellow cocktail music" (Fitzgerald 42). Gatsby was having another party to show his money, while the music had a rich tone and the people there felt that the music was soothing. Also in the novel, Fitzgerald mentions, "two girls in twin yellow dresses" (44), and it is to talking about the happiness. The two girls in the yellow dresses are admiring Jordan, the golden girl, and are jealous of how amazing she looks. Fitzgerald wrote in his novel "Did mother get powder on your old yellowy hair?" (p. 111), talking about Daisy daughter. The only time Daisy’s daughter came into the story Daisy treats her like an object and did not treat her like her daughter. Daisy's life revolves around Daisy, allowing her daughter to come around only when she wanted her to. In this quote the word “old” is not really meaning old it is more of an affection and the word “yellowy” is used as just the color yellow or blond hair. There is so many time yellow is used, like when Fitzgerald talks about Gatsby's yellowish white car and both of them colors together, represent Gatsby and Daisy’s love for each…show more content…
The color white means freshness and innocence but in the article Symbolic Meanings of Colors in The Great Gatsby, it says something different. It states that the color, “white actually symbolizes empty, vacuity, superficiality, ruthlessness and selfish to a great extent in the novel” (Zhang 1). Daisy is a sweet and innocent on the outside but deep down she has a cold and selfish heart that does not care for love, only the money. She reveals her selfishness when Gatsby dies and she does not show any sadness and leaves to go and travel with her
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