The Great Gatsby Color Analysis

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Item 2: Color Chart: In the book “The Great Gatsby,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, colors have been used to represent the character’s unapparent and underlying thoughts, feelings, status and class. Through the motif of colors, Fitzgerald depicts the feelings of the character as he refers to a specific color while describing each one of them. The colors make a deep impact on the readers as they contain a profound meaning throughout the novel. There are around five main colors in the novel appearing frequently: white, yellow, green, blue and grey, which help the novel look more gaudy and idealistic. The color green has its own significance in the novel, as it is mainly attached to Gatsby. The color green is usually attached with nature as in rebirth of spring, growth, wealth, hope and envy. Green embodies Gatsby’s dream and the perpetual pursuit of it. The green color is visited by the reader for the very first time through the element of the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock. Nick sees that Gatsby was stretching his arms towards that green light and was …show more content…

The green light was the one thing which kept him going to achieve his dream- Daisy, as if it was a “yes” symbol for Gatsby. Gatsby in chapter six says, “I'm going to fix everything just the way it was before," he said, nodding determinedly. She'll see.” (Fitzgerald 110). On the other hand, green light also symbolizes money and how Gatsby had to use money to achieve his dream-Daisy. Gatsby’s car as described by Nick, is cream-colored and as Nick says, “Sitting down behind many layers of glass in a sort of green leather conservatory, we started to town.” (Fitzgerald 64). Gatsby’s car is green in remembrance of Daisy. As Gatsby realizes that Daisy left him because he was poor, he starts to earn money in order to impress Daisy and get her back, his car is one of the few examples of

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