The Great Gatsby Resolution Analysis

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Resolution of the story The Great Gatsby starts at chapter 9, after the tragic incident has ended. The chapter opens where Nick has moved back to the west and is reflecting back to the day of the incident. It also unfolds Gatsby’s past through acquaintance with Gatsby’s father, Gatz. After Gatsby’s death, no one else wanted to arrange Gatsby’s funeral and as Nick was the only “real” friend, he decided to take care of the funeral. Many can be seen from chapter 9 that relates to the text such as the green light. With the closing paragraphs, we could see what Fitzgerald was trying to show us though this book. Something that not only relates to the 1920s, but also to our current generation. In the resolution of the story, we could see many recaps of what the book show. After Gatsby’s death, all the people who participated to the party or had a relationship with Gatsby left him. They were only attracted to the “new-money” of the “American Dreams”. It shows how corrupted many became due to the …show more content…

The green light is the light located at the end of Daisy’s dock. It symbolizes Gatsby’s hopes and dreams and represents everything that would likely to stand in Gatsby’s way: distance between Gatsby and Daisy, and the gap between the past and the present. The reason Gatsby decided to become rich was to attract and get Daisy. Like the green light across the water, it seems so close, but so far away. In the beginning of the book, we can see that Gatsby is the one who is grasping for the light. However, as now Gatsby is dead, Nick visits the porch and looks across the water. Green light will still exist because Gatsby is not the only one who always try hard to reach dreams. It applies to the era of the whole book (1920s), and to us. People during the 1920s had the dream to become rich from the “American dream”, and we too, will also have dreams we would like to

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