What Does The Light Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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The green light represents gatsby 's hopes and dreams that in the future he will be with the love of his life daisy she is the one who motivates him to live. The light represents him and his goals if he reaches his goals that light will seem closer to him in his mind he believe that light brings a special connection. If he reaches he believe that daisy will be with him and that nothing will stop them from being together. His love for daisy is unconditional he won 't stop he will get thru anything anyone to get daisy to love him he will do anything for her. Gatsby won 't stop from reaching his goals that light reminds him all time time and that light is like a source of power that makes him keep going and not stopping if daisy loves gatsby and stays with him that dream will be realized and truly accomplished and the light he always reaches for will have the purpose he will …show more content…

To him that goal of not reaching is like dying because he won 't stop he believe he has no purpose without her and the light i believe if she doesn 't stay with him it will disappear but as long as it 's there he will continue to be loving because he can 't imagine is life without her and all the money he has and opportunities he has don 't matter to him because daisy is all he wants the light is what he loves the most and he will continue to look at that light as a source to tell him to keep going. The green light is probably the most important image in the book and movies because it summarizes the whole thing and what gatsby is after too is daisy the green light symbolizes the will to go for daisy and the future he is dreaming for with her in it and without her that future and light will not existe. The green light is a symbol of love is what keeps going like that light and there is nothing that can take that light out especially hate to gatsby the only way that light is going to be gone is the rejection and reality of daisy not living with him in

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