Color Symbolism In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In The Great Gatsby, the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald used colors to show personalities of the characters and also to show that colors can also express feelings like hope, depression or innocence. Throughout the book, colors are mentioned and take a deep role in Fitzgerald’s symbolizing which is the reason why you should pay attention every time a color is mentioned in the book. There are many colors mentioned however the most important ones that are thoroughly mentioned are white, gold, green and blue. White is a color used to represent Daisy in this book. White is a color that shows purity and innocence. Her name, Daisy, also is a white flower. The first time she met Gatsby, Daisy was wearing a white dress and also when she met Nick at the beginning of the book (pp. 8-9), she was wearing a white dress. Her house was surrounded in white decorations and a glowing light surrounding the house (p. 8). Even though in the beginning of the book, Daisy was described as pure and beautiful, which can be shown at the time when she met Gatsby for the first time, her innocence was what attracted him and what made him continue to fight for her love even after she …show more content…

It can be used to describe new money (Gatsby) and show the importance of money throughout the novel. However its most important context is of hope and the green light that Gatsby used to always see at the end of the dock, at Daisy’s house. A green light means go and Gatsby saw it as a sign to reunite with Daisy. The green light, as described by Nick when he first saw Gatsby staring at it, was ‘a single green light, minute and far away that might have been the end of a dock’. Even though it was so close, at the same time he felt like it was so far away, a dream he could not reach and it showed his struggle of getting Daisy to love him back. Every time he sees it he feels closer to achieving his purpose, he always reached out to it, reached out to his dream and hope

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