What Does Color Mean In The Great Gatsby

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What does color mean to you? In the great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald color is used to symbolize different things. Each color has a different meaning. Nick, the narrator, lives in a small house next to Jay Gatsby’s mansion in west egg. Tom and Daisy are married and live together in east egg across the water from Gatsby. Gatsby fell in love with Daisy a long time ago before he went to war. He planned on marrying Daisy when he got back but when he came back she was married to Tom. Gatsby never stopped loving Daisy, always hoping that she would come back to him. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses color to reveal important information about what is going on in the book. The use of color evolves to become more important throughout the book. Nick describes the color of something so that the color has an important meaning. When Nick goes to Gatsby’s party and is with Jorden, he describes some girls that walked by as “two girls in yellow dresses.” (Page 47) A few paragraphs later he describes Jorden’s arms as “Jorden’s slender golden arm resting in mine we descend the steps and sauntered about the garden.” (Page 47) Yellow and gold may seem like very similar colors but they are not. The color yellow is usually used for something that is …show more content…

He has Nick invite Daisy over for tea. When Gatsby gets to Nicks house he is described as “An hour later the front door opened nervously and Gatsby in a white flannel suit, silver shirt and gold colored tie hurried in.” (Page 89) The golden tie means that he wants Daisy to see the best in him. When Nick says the tie is gold it means that Gatsby looks truly amazing. The white makes Gatsby seem very clear. He is not trying to hide anything. He wants Daisy to see him and fall in love with his true self. Usually Gatsby is trying to hide something but he does not want to hide anything from Daisy. Gatsby believes that if he shows Daisy his true self she will fall in love with him

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