What Is Mass Hysteria In The Crucible

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Mass hysteria is a condition affecting a group of persons, characterized by excitement or anxiety, irrational behavior or beliefs, or inexplicable symptoms of illness. Since the beginning of time everyone has dealt with mass hysteria. One mass hysteria that connects to this story is the hysteria about the Ebola virus infecting everyone. The Ebola virus by definition is a usually fatal disease, a type of hemorrhagic fever, caused by the Ebola virus and marked by high fever, severe gastrointestinal distress, and bleeding. We all know how rare the chances are of actually getting infected yet no one cares. Everyone is so dead set on the fact that they are going to get infected and then eventually die. This connects to The Crucible because not only…show more content…
Elizabeth is known for her truthfulness and whenever she lies straight to the face of two judges it sort of causes chaos. While John Proctor is trying to overthrow the court, he admits to his affair with Abigail. The court does not believe John and so he tells the court to have Elizabeth tell them what actually has been happening since she never lies. What throws the whole court off is that whenever they ask her about the incident, she lies. Elizabeth tells them that Proctor never had an affair. Her lying makes Proctor look like an even bigger liar than the court already believes he is. Another example of how Elizabeth is responsible for the death of John Proctor is that Elizabeth knew about how Abigail is the one accusing people of witchcraft and how she is making false accusations yet Elizabeth did nothing to stop her. The whole time Elizabeth and John both knew that the accusations that Abigail was making was false, yet they continue to let it happen until Elizabeth gets accused. They do not care about anyone else getting thrown in jail or killed unless it is one of them. They are so selfish and that is proved whenever Proctor did not speak up until Elizabeth and a few of his friends wives are accused and thrown into jail. If Elizabeth would tell the truth, then John would not be accused and
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