What Is The Difference Between Ted Hughes And Charles Harlan F Stone

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CONTRASTING OF SUPREME COURT JUSTICES HARLAN F STONE AND CHARLES EVAN HUGHES Rish Padore US History II Honors: Ms. Robinson April 3, 2015 During the 1900’s, many of the Supreme Court decisions were split and had different outcomes. Many of these decisions were crucial in the way that they affected the lives of the people. During this time, the court was very fickle and changed its overall mood numerous times. These two courts were divided into two sectors, Liberals and Conservatives. These two parts consequently pertained to their social parties, Democratic and Republican. Supreme Court justices Charles Evan Hughes and Harlan F Stone were part of different affiliations. During the 20th century, Supreme Court Justices Harlan F. Stone, appointed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Charles Evan Hughes, appointed by Herbert Hoover, had completely different philosophical views and decisions. Charles Evan Hughes was born on April 11, 1962 in Glens Fall, New York. He was born to Reverend David C. Hughes and Mary C. Hughes. Mary C. Hughes was the sister of State Senator Henry C. Connelly. Senator Connelly inspired Hughes to pursue the political field. Hughes initially followed his father and showed an interest in the Northern Baptist Church. Hughes’ education was prestigious and luxurious. He …show more content…

He was set to replace Joseph McKenna. Coolidge believed that Harlan F Stone would be a great justice to oversee investigations into various scandals that arose in the Harding Administration. Some believed that Harlan F Stone was made Associate Justice for the Anti-Trust policies . Charles Evan Hughes was the Supreme Court Chief Justice while Harlan F Stone was the Associate Justice. During this time, Stone and Hughes were sometimes collaborated and sometimes divided. However, Stone was viewed as a liberal. There were many cases in which Harlan F Stone apposed what Charles Evan Hughes

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