What Is The Pursuit Of Happiness In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet: Pursuit of Happiness Essay by Grace Kabengele Life is full of twists and turns in which we are trying to steer ourselves towards the correct path. Occasionally we made need the help of other individuals, in an attempt, to gain contentment, and in order to individually appease our emotions and regain individual complacentment. So, in order to, achieve true bliss shall we search within ourselves or seek refuge in our encounters with other people. In William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is aware that he will only truly be happy through his close associations with his peers and his soul mate Juliet. In the course of the play it is evident that Romeo understands that to seek his true Gratification, he must rely on his acquaintances and Juliet to encounter his euphoric world. …show more content…

Prior to meeting Juliet, Romeo had merely been depressed and was lovesick for Rosaline; in being with Rosaline Romeo felt that her love could lead him to blissful joy but his feelings of endearment for Rosaline emphasized his feelings of loneliness. “ I’ll pay that doctrine or else die in debt,”- Benvolio. Refers to Benvolio’s assistance in curing Romeo from his love sickness; had it not been for Benvolio’s persistence, Romeo might have continued to be on a downwards spiral into depression and would have been weighed down by his emotions. “O, teach me how I should forget to think,”-Romeo. Had it not been for Romeo’s friends he would have given up and eventually gotten further away from finding his good fortune in the upcoming future. Not only did his Romeo’s friends contribute to his well being but so did

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